Character Assassination, nothing new.

I think it was last week when I started to hear about John Edward’s little problem keeping his lil toad in the correct hole. When it first broke, there was a little mention on my vast right-wing conspiracy talk radio stations – but not much more. Anyone asked about it discounted the report as being “from the Inquirer.”

Most main stream media has turned a blind eye to it, no surprise, but now Edwards’ home town paper has caught on and is reporting the story. It may start to pick up steam once Obama publicly rules out Edwards as a running mate.

It’s simple. Someone didn’t want Edwards to be in contention for Obama’s VP spot, so they released this. Factor in a cannibalistic political party, and a media still in the endorphine-induced haze of a week long Obamagasm – and they continuet o deny for the politicos so nobody has to open their mouth. After all, the longest serving Republican senator just resigned. THAT is the story.

Only thing I can think of is that the leak came from the Clinton camp, and more may continue to be produced as we get closer to the Messiah Barack Hussein Obama selecting his first Apostle… But the Clintons are back burner, and no longer the darlings of the main stream media.

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