Funny, until…

Circuit City Orders All Stores To Destroy Issue Of Mad Magazine Parodying “Sucker City”

Caught this story via DiGG.  Long and short of it, there was an ad in a copy of MAD Magazine sold at Circuit City which was a fairly accurate spoof of a Circuit City ad.  Someone high up panic’d and ordered all the copies to be removed from shelves and tossed.

Well that story got out and made CC look stupid.

What annoys me about the story is that it was funny – until I saw the low-brow political jab that was part of it.  If you look at the image from the ad displaying the “picture in picture in picture in picture” you will see Spongebob Squarepants, then Sean Hannity, then Adolph Hitler.

Yes, the Nazi’s were Fascists.  We get it.  Bush?  Not a fascist.  Hannity?  Not a fascist.  “Patriotic” to a choke point, and rather flamboyant when it comes to hacking away our personal liberties?  Absolutely – but can we please drop the Hitler crap?  At this point I’ve seen him in a broadway show as well as taking a pineapple up his ass from the devil.  The image of Hitler has been diluted from the Fascist dictator responsible for the ordered deaths of millions to a running joke and laughing stock.  Not that I mind people laughing at the guy as he roasts in Hell, but seriously – that joke/zing/point is about as old as Mad Magazine.

How about Mussolini.  He’s another infamous Fascist who I think just doesn’t get the attention he deserves.  Sure, not quite the daydream fodder of Liberal Intellectuals ala Karl Marx, but I’m pretty sure Mussolini knew how to make some wicked spaghetti sauce.

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