So far, so good, so what?

Recap –

Monday, drove the truck to my cousin’s place in Jersey

Tuesday, drained the motor and transmission oil.  (Transmission oil was burned BAD). Removed the driveshaft.

So day 3 of the Chevy build has us pretty much on schedule to have the motor out by the weekend.

Last night we disconnected the torsion bars, cut away the exhaust system, and dropped the transfer case.

Since the exhaust system was pretty much rotted away including the catalytic converter, I ordered a new set of Flowtech shorty headers, Y pipe, and a high-flow catalytic converter.  I’ll just bolt that together onto the new motor when we’re ready to take that step.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll be spending most of my time detailing the engine bay, cleaning out 20 years of grease and crap so the new motor will have a nice new home.

Once everything is put back together, I’m going to have to replace the front axles (they’re pretty much shot) before Winter comes along.  I might be able to get one more 4×4 season out of them, but I’d rather not find out the hard way.

Should get the exhaust components as well as the new engine/trans mounts on Friday.  I’m digging the SummitRacing online portal, its very well done.

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