Go looking for something to complain about…

…and you’ll always find it.

I had to bring the VW to the local dealership a month or two back because it was making a noise in turns. After 4 visits, I finally got someone at the dealership to experience the same problem – and they ‘fixed’ it.

I used quotations because well, in the process of the repairs it would appear that they also screwed up the camber so bad that my tires were completely bald in oh… a month or two. So I ended up going to Sears yesterday to get a new set of Kumho Solus tires put on. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the V-Rated Conti’s, and generally have better experiences with the H-rated variety.

I’m hoping that these tires hold me until the lease is up, then I’ll decide whether to return the car or buy it.

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