Nothing annoys me more…

Nothing annoys me more than when a group of political nitwits get together and start rattling off nonsense.’

“You know who I like?  Joe Biden.  He really knows his stuff!”

Then how come he didn’t know that in 1929 there was no television or Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the whitehouse?  Please.

“Well what about Palin?  What’s she got?”

More executive experience than Obama, Biden, or even McCain.

“Oh please, Obama has plenty of executive experience”

I know, like the Annenberg Challenge in Chicago right?  The one set up by a terrorist?

“Oh don’t distort the facts!”

Like what, that William Ayers got millions for Chicago schools and used it to hire ACORN to radicalize the students?

Seriously folks, the amount of effort being put into burying the recent news that Ayers and Obama didn’t just cross paths, but that Obama took care of chairing the Annenberg Challenge which had funding secured by an unrepentant terrorist whose only regret is that they didn’t do MORE (re: bombing the Pentagon and police stations) is astonishing.  This is stuff that they knew all along, but now that it’s leaked, heartily gets buried by the NYT.

I’m sorry, but I care that this candidate is friends with obnoxious racists and terrorists.  I’m a little more concerned by this than McCain’s relationship to the Keating 5 (where he was all but exhonorated of his involvement), or the fact that Sarah Palin just might be Tina Fey’s only source of employment.  Obama had no problem with John Glenn stumping for him, and Glenn was equally complicit according to the public record.

There is nothing wrong with challenging the unformed opinions of others.  I just got labeled a “killjoy” for throwing a wrench into the Obama lovefest I walked into… but so be it.

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2 Responses to Nothing annoys me more…

  1. Derek says:

    “or the fact that Sarah Palin just might be Tina Fey’s only source of employment”

    WHAAAAAA? Tina Fey is so goddamned busy in Television right now that there was doubts whether she could find time to DO the Palin sketches on SNL.

    Perhaps you missed her Emmy for writing/producing/acting in a top-rated weekly show? 🙂

  2. Marlin says:

    She may have gotten an Emmy for it, but the show is hardly top rated, I’m astonished its still on the air with the ratings it gets. NBC must be afraid to break the news to Alec Baldwin.

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