All the news involving ACORN (American Community Organizers Radical Network) and voter fraud really doesn’t surprise me.  Obama is a radical, and a former community organizer.  Even all the crocodile tears by offended community organizers after Palin brought them up didn’t matter much to me.

The basic point is – his background as a community organizer has nothing to do with his capability to be Chairman of the United Socialist States of America.  In my opinion, being a community organizer with the current ACORN controversy should equate to a set of concrete shoes for Barack Hussein Obama’s election hopes…

Over the past 8 years, every election that was close was hyped to the hilt about voter fraud, and how the Democrats would challenge any losses – unless they won, in that case the rightful order would be restored.

We all know how that worked out, giving us a Congress working hard to outrun George W Bush for the lowest approval ratings in American history… but no, there was no fraud.

Now it’s on the other foot, weeks before an election – valid and verified examples of voter fraud by an organization built by radicals, for radicals…  but the talk in the media really isn’t all that loud (anywhere other than Fox News, those evil, vile, vast right wing conspiratorial asshats who DARE to report what the burgeoise MSM does not deem WORTHY for our simple proletariat eyes.)

AFAIAC, if Obama wins, the election was stolen.  If McCain wins, I pray that Palin is a stronger influence on his decision making than his penchant for crossing the aisle and throwing the Conservative movement under the bus.

Like Limbaugh has said, McCain will need to be dragged across the finish line, most likely kicking and screaming…  But I’d rather have someone who is center/right than someone who is widely known as the biggest Liberal in the Senate in charge of our country.  Quite frankly, I can’t afford it.

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