Turning Point – Fall of Liberty

Rejoined Gamefly last week, and I’ve already gotten my first turkey. Now this game looked cool, the concept being that in the late 30’s, Winston Churchill, the man who stood alone and took no end of crap for warning us all in advance of the Nazi threat – was hit by a taxi in NYC, and instead of surviving to unite the world against a common enemy – died.

Standing on a skyscraper in construction, you see the waves upon waves of German bombers and battleships assault NYC around you. You steal a weapon from a German paratrooper, escape the skyscraper, and kill a few more on your way towards the guerilla resistance.

Like I said, really neat idea. It falls flat afterwards and becomes a ‘dime a dozen’ FPS. The controls are confusing and do not conform to any typical formats for any FPS I’ve dealt with in recent history. The HUD notifications are very subtle, which left me roaming a single underground room for 45 minutes until it finally activated an elevator. Gunfire is fairly accurate, however it doesn’t help when I need to rely on an empty MP50 with a flashlight to see where I’m going, or that the enemies are only visible by two tiny little glowing eyes.

Seriously, a flashlight? Didn’t anyone hear of Doom 3? BAD IDEA. Also, the checkpoints are far too spaced out. After running through the same mission 8 times, only to reset back to where I was 20 minutes ago, I finally gave up and put it back in the mail to Gamefly.

The graphics and sound effects are fine, and some of the imagery of NYC in ruins is breathtaking, but beyond that – not really worth investing the time.

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