Big Brother is Watching, it’s only fair!

Now my self-hating Liberal cohorts might say this is a GOOD idea, as now that we have an inbound Democrat majority, peace on Earth has broken out and all of our problems can again be solved by government without question.

Participate In Federally-Funded Road Survey, Make $895

So here’s the deal, the federal highway fund is losing money left and right because you evil Americans finally wised up and realized that maybe a Ford Excursion isn’t the best commuter vehicle. Their solution? A per mile tax. That’s right, you drive a mile, you pay the Fed.

How shall they implement this? GPS vehicle tracking. Think you’re beating the system in that Prius? Think again. Even if they DID pull this off, I doubt it’d affect the tax on fuel, as history has shown that the Fed generally never eliminates a tax, but when it cuts one – the states, counties, and localities usually jack up their taxes to compensate.

I believe the best solution would be to privatize the highway system, eliminate the fuel tax, and stop this onslaught of 1984esque BS. The economy is in the crapper. Americans are watching their money closer now than ever before. Take advantage of the strong dollar, the ever lowering cost of fuel, and cut the shackles off the American highway.

There isn’t a single thing the government does now, short of national defense and law enfarcement, that cannot be done better and more efficiently by private industry.

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