Not even close to funny…

One challenge headed to the state so far in Plymouth

When will Americans – regardless of political ideology finally scream “ENOUGH!”?

Why is it that only now, after centuries of voting, does the process of voting become so complicated?

Why is it that every single vote is publicly challenged, but the choices of our leaders are not? (I’m looking at YOU, Barack Hussein Obama). The ridiculousness of this entire situation is nearly beyond my ability to comprehend.

It can not be denied that the only time voter fraud is brought up, or that votes are recounted to near infinity – is when a Republican is winning against a Democrat. I can only imagine the public outcry had John McCain eked out a win against Barack Hussein Obama.

Franken, you lost. Not by much – which should be taken VERY seriously by Coleman (c’mon man, you almost lost to a hack comic who hasn’t done anything noteworthy since he starred in Changing Places).

The minds that are hell bent on manipulating our election process must be rooted out, drug out into a field, and buried next to the grave that holds their long lost integrity. Voting really is a big deal – but the fact that every 2 years I have to hear about how someone else is stealing it for a myriad of excuses makes me sick. Prove it, put up – or for the sake of all things sane… SHUT UP.

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