Not much change, and I hope for some laughs.

You know… I think at this point, after seeing who Obama has stocked his cabinet with… I’d have to say that most of them are some of the biggest idiots and self-important types from recent political history, paired with his cunning ability to answer most questions with maybe….

We’re really not going to see much change in the next 4 years. While I am scared that some idiotic Socialist benefiting policies may get passed, we’re probably not going that route overnight (hell, we’ve been going that route for 16+ years now), and if anything the election outcome was a result of Conservative voters rejecting the Republican candidate more than a groundswell of support for the One.

We weren’t going to get Bushed again.

I’d say the next 2 years we could see some Saturday Night Life worthy moments, but most likely the rolls will balance out ala 1994 as long as someone shuts up the snobby Country Club “How’d you like to mow my lawn, ‘eh?” Republicans long enough to get some Conservatives in office.

An added note, one of my favorite talk radio personalities – Rush Limbaugh – always said that if the media hypes you up, and brings you fame and popularity – they can also just as easily tear you down. Such was evident with McCain, and many other personalities – but he went from being the ‘maverick’ of the Senate to well, you saw the reports.

So either way, whether the Obama administration is a success or a failure, the media is going to rebuild themselves on tearing him back down when necessary.

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