Zen, and the art of drunk driving.

It’s been years since I was last scared to the point of shaking while driving a car.

Tonight, I’m headed to the bar of all places, when I come up behind a car waiting at the traffic light by Dawson Motors in Warwick.  The light turns green, and they gun it.

Straight into the oncoming lane.

I call Warwick PD, I’ve caught up to the erratic driver – tell them about the car…  Zigging/Zagging/Speeding/Crawling.  They’re all over the place.  Warwick PD says they’ll call Vernon.

I’m on my way into Vernon now, keeping the car in sight but staying back, and watching as they repeatedly drive nearly off the road, cross into oncoming traffic, etc.  I call 911 and get Orange County 911.  I asked them to forward me to Vernon PD since I just crossed into NJ.

OC 911 forwards me to Vernon, Vernon already heard from Warwick, and I’m keeping them updated as I follow the car.  I was seriously scared at this point not so much for my own safety, but that this driver was going to actually hit one of the cars it aimed at in oncoming traffic.  This person needed to be stopped before that happened.

I get up to Maple Grange and there’s a Vernon squad car waiting.  I slow and flash the lights rapidly, they head out behind the car and I can see the Scion continue to zig zag off the road.  The cop hits the lights, and I’m expecting them to stop.  They don’t.  The car keeps going.

A second Vernon cop gets in front of the car, and they box it in by the animal clinic on 94.  Within a few seconds, the woman is out of her car, and VPD is taking care of things.  I pass a 3rd car on my way towards the Inn.  At this point I’m out of the car, shaking.

I smoke a butt, try to relax.  When I get up to the bar and the bartender asks me what I’d like?

“I’ll have a Coke.”

Holy crap folks.  Seriously. Scared the shit out of me.  Kudos to Warwick PD, Orange County 911, and Vernon PD for taking care of it before someone got hurt or killed!

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