A little crappy.

Did you know that you could play Gamecube titles on the Wii? Probably, but I didn’t. I picked up a couple of Gamecube games (Mario Kart Double Dash and Super Smash Brother’s Melee) so I could practice up before the weekly tournament at a friend’s house. I also didn’t know that the games required a Gamecube controller as well. Apparently the rep at EBGames didn’t know either, or was too busy trying to upsell me a classic controller to care that I wouldn’t be able to play what I just bought.

Dropped an email to EBGames, explaining that they need some better product training for their reps, as the upsell doesn’t matter because I’m returning the extra controller today and buying a pair of GameCube controllers elsewhere. More annoying? At the Rockaway store you had 2 options as far as GameCube controllers. There was the Gamestop variety for $15.99, and the Nintendo variety for $20. No used option. Online? They’re $5.99 (not available online mind you, they’re an in-store item only). I’m guessing they were stashed in the back of the store until after the holiday rush.

The whole thing just seemed kind of crappy to me.

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