When is enough, enough?

New York planning ‘fat tax’ on drinks

When is enough, enough? I really don’t get how we allow our elected leaders to get away with this crap.

In order to make up for a 15 billion dollar budget deficit, Governor Blinky Paterson has proposed a tax on sugar based soft-drinks. Essentially if you purchase regular Coke or Pepsi, you will be helping to support the greed and sheer stupidity of our state government. Buy diet? No tax. They say it will also improve health. I’m sorry, but what is so healthy about ingesting so much sodium that you literally pack on 10-15lbs of water?

Diet soda isn’t healthier than regular, and taxing the middle and lower class (chances are “New York’s Wealthiest Residents” don’t drink Cola) is not how a responsible Government should make up for a budget deficit

I’VE GOT A THOUGHT! HOW ABOUT YOU CUT 15 BILLION DOLLARS IN PORK, SOCIAL PROGRAMS, AND OTHER CRAP? I’ve had to make cuts in my lifestyle due to the economy, and I sure as hell am not going to ask my neighbor to fill in the gap so I can maintain the lifestyle I’m accustomed to. Why can’t the government make some cuts?!

I’d say start with the politicians salaries, benefits, and retirement funds, then work your way down. It’s supposed to be a duty, not a f**king career.

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  1. Adam says:

    Sorry to give you more bad news, but they’re also thinking of putting tax on all downloaded music content in New York. o_O” Crazy.

    I think New York can afford to cut funds from city offical “jobs,” too. But of course they’d never do that. :p

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