Slap in the face much?

Can’t win for losing: Chrysler criticized for “Thank You” ads

I’m glad I don’t drive Chrysler anymore. As far as I’m concerned – I will never buy another Ford, GM, or Chrysler. Thank you America? Are you serious? A corrupt Government hands a failing business cash out of what was supposed to be an ill-advised bank bailout, all composed of money taken at gunpoint from American taxpayers, and they have the AUDACITY TO THANK US!?

WE DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE, YOU !@#$HEADS. You did. You decided to give the unions so much power. You decided to market inefficient vehicles. You decided to play so close to the margin that the economic slowdown pretty much put you out of business. You deserve to be out of business, unemployed, and forced to watch as the imports do what they have done all along – continue to make money selling the cars that people want and need.

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