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NY governor proposes Internet tax on downloads

I sent the following to the Governor’s office this afternoon. If you’re a NYS resident, as I am, this sort of garbage cannot be allowed and you need to let the Governor know it! The people of NY do not deserve to be punished for the mistakes that these lawmakers commit!

“Governor Paterson, the nation’s economy is in a historic recession. Both brick and mortar as well as Internet retail is suffering severely. Enacting a tax on downloads at any time is a mistake which will reward New York’s lawmakers, including yourself, for a rampant inability to do what the rest of us New Yorkers do – live on a budget! Not only will this tax encourage further wasteful spending and fiscal mismanagement in this state, it will add another nail to the coffin of an already struggling economy. Internet commerce has grown exponentially since its inception because government regulation has been minimal, if you implement such a tax, it only opens the door for greater taxation which will only serve to punish innovation and growth. Shame on you for even suggesting such a law, you should be cutting spending to eliminate these shortfalls, not adding more money to a leaking pot.”

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