Rice 2.0

So the weather’s nice, I’m trying to cut back my smoking, and I’m also getting over a cold, so I decided to take a walk around the lot here at my office. I’m walking along by a tech company in the same park, and see the following:


What you’ve got there, is a BMW 7 series, with 3 series wheels, Alpina badging, M badging, Alpina stickers on the rims, and some absolutely ridiculous exhaust tips poking way too far out of the rear bumper. It’s the German equivalent of a stereotypical rice burner. Alpina never even made an M.

For the record, this is an actual Alpina 7 series…


Seriously, rice is rice, but if you’ve got the smarts to buy a BMW – be proud of what you’ve got, don’t defile it like it’s a freaking 20 year old Civic.

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