Rice 2.1

I had previously outlined some German Ricewurst in my company parking lot, well my friends – the badge-charging has gotten worse.


As you can see here, the car now dons a “bumper bully”… Otherwise known as a huge rubber mat with reflectors meant to protect your precious vehicle from being damaged by a bump. In this case, I’d say it is likely there to protect the 2 inches of extra exhaust tip hanging out the ass off this once great road warrior.


Lastly we have a shot of the latest badge chargers. First, the “Limited Edition” badging with what looks like almost… Easter themed colors. It IS April after all… Last but not least, the false louvers on the fenders now have ALPINA badges on them. Now when you’ve decided to not find a way to pump more cool, sweet air into your brakes, motor, or some other component of your finely tuned, German engineered uber auto… Why not throw another badge on it to make sure people KNOW that your fake louver was NOT made by Alpina.

Seriously. Whoever drives this car should sell it and buy a Civic… Maybe they sold their Civic to buy it. Who knows?

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