Back in BLACK…

Or not…. couldn’t find a more inventive title for this post considering its 11pm and I’m absolutely STUFFED (Italian Villa Food Coma!!!).

Much has changed in the past year since my last update on this blog.  For starters, I finally did find that new apartment.  I currently have a nice and legal 2 bedroom apartment in Edenville, NY…. which I am sharing with my dream girl (who happens to be my fiancee!!!) and her two wonderful kids! 🙂

Lets see… sold the truck, bought a motorcycle, still work at the same job – (am currently MANAGEMENT, crazy, right?)

Anyhow, I finally got the blogging bug back, simply put – facebook status updates weren’t cutting it, and I got a little tired of all the bleeding heart BULLSHIT.  I needed to bring back a warm, comfortable place where I can share my opinions with the world and not care one bit whether some pinko commie liberal has a problem with it.

Yep, that’s right folks, I’m back…  if you don’t like it – promptly box your shit back up and return it to the store, cos you’re too stupid be using it to read this page. 😉

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