Slowly getting up to speed here…

I still need to export all of my attachments from the old server to this system, as well as finish moving all the links from my blogroll over. Lastly – I want to get that theme I was using copied over, I can’t recall the name but I’m hoping I can get that done this evening after work.

Riding in today, somehow an ant found its way into my helmet (rather disconcerting since it was hanging on my bedroom door previously), so all of a sudden I’m seeing this creature the size of a runaway Toyota popping out and walking around inside my facemask. Still can’t find my gloves either. Yesterday I wore my isotoner driving gloves – which were too !@#$ing hot… Today I’m wearing my Weider workout gloves. With temps rumored to hit 3 digits this afternoon, quite the day to be out on the bike.

Hoping this afternoon to crank out some gluten-free brownies with orange essence in them for the pot luck at church tonight, we’ll see!

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