My hobby…

My hobby for the past year or so has been baking… if I had it my way, it would be my job. I’ve got a website dedicated to it called which I haven’t done much with since I first got it running since once the holidays passed, so did a majority of my business.  My area of expertise?  Creating gluten, lactose, and soy free desserts that can not be distinguished from their normal counterparts.

Tonight for the Christ Church pot luck dinner, I made a chocolate brownie cake with a hit of orange essence that had a frosting I threw together from scratch which tasted just like an orange creamsickle.  It got devoured. 🙂

Hopefully once things slow down a bit in my life, I plan to dedicate more time and effort into the baking business, but for now I’ll settle for the satisfied looks I get from people who try my confections. 🙂

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