I really gotta wonder what is in the back of some peoples heads when they’re tailgating a motorcycle.  I’m coming home last night from running some errands, it’s hot, and muggy out, my facemask is coated with mosquito shrapnel, and this jackass in a Toyota is on my ass from the moment I hit the 30 zone in Warwick.  I proceed to let off the gas until I’m doing 15 mph, as he is so far right as to pass me at the first available opportunity ON THE RIGHT.  So I speed up to 30mph, he backs off for 2 seconds, and again is on my ass.  So we get up to the traffic light between Main and Kings, it’s red, so I stop, look, and flip him off.  I see this grand-baby boomer yuppie prick flipping me off right back and flailing all over the place.  Seriously, I don’t get people sometimes.

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