Much better…

I’ve been putting off renewing my contact prescription, I don’t really have or want to spend the $350 I’ll need for toric lenses and another $75 for the prescription, so I’ve been wearing my glasses again.

That’s all fine and dandy, except for when it is sunny outside. I picked up a pair of polarized clip-ons which did the job alright, but as is the case with sunglasses – they got lost.  Plus, they weren’t great on the bike because they allowed plenty of glare around the edges…  Picked up a smoked face shield today at CycleMotion in Middletown, $25 – and it’s fantastic.  Not sure I’m going to enjoy using it at night, but my entire field of vision is comfortably dim now. 🙂

Eventually I’m going to either get laser eye surgery, or a new set of contacts – in the mean time I’m slumming it just fine! lol

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