Another win for the new supermarket…

Filled the car up at Sunoco in Warwick last night, 12 gallons of 93 octane only cost me $2.97 per gallon when everyone else had to pay $3.17.  It’s one of the perks of using the ‘advantedge’ card from Price Chopper, for every $50 you spend in the store, they knock $.10 off a gallon of gas at the local station.  It’s cumulative too, I spent $100, they knocked $.20 off.  I think it goes as high as $.30.  Still, for a busy family, that’s knocking the price of gas down to a level that actually competes with the stations just across the border in Jersey.  It’s keeping money in the town, and helping local businesses even further, which is something I am always for.

Funny sidenote, had to go to Shoprite on Sunday, instead of scanning my price plus card I scanned my advantedge card – and got the same exact discounts.

There are still things I will specifically go to Shoprite for… but that list is getting shorter.

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