This is dedicated to the crackas that was down from day one…

Sorry, was listening to Dr Dre during this post. 🙂

Yesterday I’m on my way home from my parents house, and try to lower the driver’s side window in my VW GTI…  I hear a pop, and the window won’t go down.  This happened once before, I tried to lower the window when it was frozen, and it detached the glass from the carrier for the power window regulator.  I managed to finagle it back on that time.  This time, I’m driving and trying to do the same, then SHWOOMP, the glass falls completely into the door.

Now it’s 7pm, rain possible, and I have no drivers side window.

Dig out the Haynes manual, I have the door apart in about 20 minutes, the trick was to get the glass back up, tape it in place, raise the carrier up to meet the glass, then lower it to where there are 2 access holes for adjustment.  This was the cool part – I loosen the bolt, push the mount up onto the glass a bit, then tighten it back down.  Did that on the front and rear bolt – window works like new.

Didn’t find myself cursing or screaming either, like when I was trying to work on the door of my ’89 Chevy pickup… 🙂

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