A debt epiphany…

So I’ve been trying to pay off my credit card the past few months…  Paying what I add to it each month + old debt.  The end result is that each month I break even, which gets frustrating since I”m used to running a bit of a surplus each month – and actually SAVING money.  So I took a look at what it costs me to maintain the debt on the card, its about $50.  My new plan?  Each month, pay off what I’ve added to the card.  Then take that extra cash, and throw it at my car which is costing me $300 a month.

This way, car gets paid off earlier, I have cash in my pocket at the end of the month, and with the extra $300 a month I can proceed to pay off my CC debt.  So its either pay $50 to maintain debt, or pay $300…  I’ll take the $50 route please. 🙂

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