I dare you.

Went to see Toy Story in 3D yesterday, not only was it my 4 year old stepson’s first experience at the movies EVER – it was my irst 3D movie.  I gotta say, I’m an idiot for skipping out on  the 3D wave, as it has come one hell of a long way since the blue and red cellophane glasses of the 80s and prior.  They had a preview for some owl movie, and at the end this 3D feather appeared to hover over the audience for a few moments… pretty cool stuff.

So I’ve always enjoyed the Toy Story movies, as have the kids, the big difference was that at the end of this 3rd installment… I seriously got choked up.

I”m talking the T-800 is lowering itself into the steel at the end of T2 choked up.  I dare any guy to watch that and not get a little.

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