GTA4 – Ballad of Gay Tony

So in an earlier post I had commented just how much I loathed GTA4… Mainly because on top of the fact that the controls were sluggish – my top of the line gaming system was choking at a level set by Rockstar’s own configuration system.

After doing some homework via Google, it turns out that there are a slew of command line parameters for the game, two of which I now use to bring about acceptable framerates… “-dx9” and “/high” The first forces the game into DX9 mode, and the second forces it to take the highest priority on the system. The real kicker though, the one that eliminated this infuriating stutter in the graphics involved disabling a feature which allows a player to record their gameplay and provide clips to people who actually find video clips of a video game worthwhile. I also disabled the ‘definition’ setting via the P key, when disabled you get the motion blur that earlier titles had.

At this point, the framerate is acceptable, and “The Ballad of Gay Tony” is turning out to be a much more satisfying add on than “The Lost and The Damned” turned out to be… both being infinitely better than the story GTA4 shipped with, IMHO.

Still, GTA4, as well as the add-ons are less of a game than the previous titles… that’s something that has been lost and seemingly forgotten by Rockstar, and something I hope returns in a future release (along with vehicles that handle like they did in the GTA3 line of games, I’m sick of driving on oil!!!)

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