Pretty good 4th…

So Price Chopper came through again, picked up 3 racks of pork ribs for $10 (due to a mistake on their part that they acquiesced to), managed to stuff everyone very well.  Topped it off with a few rounds from the 12 gauge (which promptly sent neighbors fleeing indoors) and a selection of 13 year old bottle rockets that my buddy Jeff and I picked up on an overnight fireworks run out to Tioga, PA quite some time ago.  There were a small handful of duds, but most still shot up in the air and made significantly less noise than the Mossberg… LOL

Set the kids up with a cable box in their room, then proceeded to spend 20 minutes locking every single channel besides Disney… What would be NICE is if the cable box could be set up to block everything by default, and then allow the user to selectively un-block things.  There’s decent parental controls, everything other than a G/PG rating is blocked and needs a password to access.  Now I know why my folks got me a TV set when I was their age, it wasn’t for me, it was so they could watch THEIRS again… Still, $200 a month cable bill leaves a slight taste of vomit in my mouth… blech.

Hoping for a somewhat lazy week, still have a ton of wedding prep to sort out, and a probable ride down to the Jersey Shore for a day mid-week…. but it’s nice not having to fix anything for a while.

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