Riehle good deal.

My glasses broke a 2 weeks ago, the nosepad snapped off. I soldered it, but the solder didn’t hold for long. I decided to bring it to the store I bought it from – LENSCRAFTERS in Middletown, NY. It was a Saturday afternoon, and the store manager blew me off. She first didn’t consider repairing the glasses, nor did she consider placing my perfectly good lenses in an alternate frame. She looked up my prescription which hadn’t been updated since 2008 (hasn’t needed an update) and said I would need a new prescription, and new glasses… and promptly pushed me out of the store.

I decided to stop at a local optician today – Riehle over in the Merchant’s Square Plaza. Over the course of a half hour, they had my current lenses in a compatible frame, and I was on my way. Turned out I was working with the owner, but everyone in the store was extraordinarily helpful, and completely eclipsed my experience with Lenscrafters.

That’s the problem with big chain stores like Lenscrafters, unless you’re walking in ready to drop an obscene amount of cash on one of their high profit margin package deals – they couldn’t care less about you.

Now I just need to schedule an update for my contact lens prescription at Riehle and I’m good to go.

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