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So after the rather crappy experience I had at Dawson Motors yesterday, I decided to expand my search for a Ford Fusion AWD from model year 2007, as well as give Subaru another try.

Over the past 14 years that I have been driving, I’ve purchased 6 vehicles, 2 of them privately, and the other 4 were from large dealerships with a more established business. With exception to my current ride, I’ve used the same methodology from day one – start with an offer that’s well below what I’d actually pay, which is usually well below the asking price, and force the salesman to sell me the car.

Yesterday, after making my first offer – the price of the car immediately dropped by $900. Was I flexible? Yes. Was the first offer good enough? Nope. Was I going to raise my inital offer? Yep… until both my initial and their counter was laughed at by the owner. They were $500 away from making a deal, but I’m not going to get laughed at by someone who doesn’t know how to sell a car.  I’m giving you my money, I worked hard for it, and you’re going to EARN it.

Am I hard to deal with? Absolutely. I’m in the minority though. For every person out there who knows what they want, what they want to pay, and force the salesperson to make the deal – there are dozens of idiots who walk in and either pay asking price or take the first offer without question.  Could someone come along and make a better deal on that same car?  Sure.   Is it worth leaving a car out to rot for 6+ months in the hope that some rube will show up and pay asking?  For some dealers, I guess so.  I’m not going to hold any sympathy for a business that behaves in such a manner, if they can pull it off their way and stay profitable – God bless them.

In the time that they’ve had that car on the lot, I’ve seen Warwick Dodge unload at least 2 Fusion AWD’s, same model year and option package.  They’ve got one on the lot now with higher mileage and a lower asking price, but I’m willing to bet that will also leave their lot before the one I test drove leaves Dawson.

So far I’m communicating with 4 dealerships that hold various Subarus and Fords I’m interested in – I’m hoping by the end of the week to seal the deal with a more sensible outcome.  I’ll keep you all posted!

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