Dawsons – Addendum

So the salesperson I dealt with at Dawson called me back yesterday, apologized again for the deal going south.  I explained I didn’t blame him at all, he mentioned the car had sold 20 minutes after I left, was currently ‘waiting on financing’ – I mentioned just as passing conversation what my next offer would have been, he said if anything fell through he would be in touch and run my offer past the owner.  My ears perked up a bit on this one.  Could the car have sold?  Sure.  Was this maybe a little slight of hand to gauge my interest in the car,and perhaps get me to ‘up the ante’ – I kind of feel like that is the case.  I’d still buy that car if the opportunity arose.

He mentioned that he would keep an eye open for another Fusion with similar options *cough* – and is hoping he can find one before I do.  We’ll see.

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