A long time ago, most decent websites decided – like everyone else – that popups were evil, and generally stopped using them, or at least used them a lot less. Personally, when I go to a site, I want to see what I clicked for, not get inundated with a bunch of crappy popups.

Since the browser industry got wise and came up with effective popup blockers, some sites have had to resort to other, even MORE annoying tactics. My favorite? I click a link, start reading the content, and within a few seconds a box appears DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF WHAT I’M READING. Sometimes its obvious how to close these boxes, other times it is not. Better yet are those damned ads which take over an ENTIRE SCREEN.

Look, marketers. I don’t care what YOU think I should look at. If it was so impressive, I would have followed a link to get there. The fact that you feel the need to obscure whatever actually brought me to your site with CRAP means that I’m simply going to X out of the page AND NEVER RETURN.

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