*bang head here*

Get in the door at the office around 7:30am… first problem report comes in at 8:20, a user can’t access their voicemail. Most likely our antique’s roadshow quality voicemail server has gone toes up again. I follow SOP and notify my users by email that the phones will definitely be down for a few minutes as I fix the problem.

About a minute later, I get an IM…

Them: Phones are down.
Them: What?
Me: Check Your Mail
Them: for what

At this point, blood pressure goes up since this fella has a knack for evoking such a reaction, so I proceed to start fixing the problem… then another IM comes in about a minute later…

Them: are you aware of this?

So I figure out the problem, fix it, and send an email out notifying my users that the problem is fixed…

One minute later, I get an IM from the same user…

Them: phones are back up.


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