A much needed long ride today…

Hopped on the bike around lunch time, headed into Jersey via the back roads from Unionville, NY… ended up going in a big circle at one point but then landed on Sussex Cty Route 519, took that until I hooked up with 94 south. I took that to route 80 West, and after crossing the Delaware took a little break. I grabbed route 209 north, and took that up through PA, past Bushkill Falls and back into NY over the Dingman’s Ferry bridge. That hooked me up with 206 again, which I took north back into PA (crossing the Delaware for a 3rd time…lol). Took 209 back into NY where I hopped on 84 a bit outside Port Jervis, stopped for gas in PI and now I”m thoroughly enjoying my couch. Not too many retards on the road that I saw today besides the 4 girls in a Nissan as I was trying to make my way through traffic going over the mountain on 84. These cunning runts decided to pull out in front of me without looking, then when realizing the tractor trailer ahead was going slower than they wanted to – brake checked me and pulled back into the left lane. That’s when they FINALLY noticed me and started to pretend I wasn’t right there praying I had a claw hammer to put through their windows.

My longest ride in some time – my hands are tingling, but damn it was worth it. 🙂

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