Well wonders never cease…

In my ongoing expose of just how many of the drivers in my town are complete and under buffoons, we have the driver of a late 90’s teal Ford Ranger.

I’m heading back to work from a dentist’s appointment when I decide to stop at the Tuscan for a cup of coffee.  Before I make my turn, I activate my blinker and see a mother and daughter on the crosswalk bracing against the heavy rainfall blanketing the area.  I do what I normally do (what everyone should do) and come to a stop so they can cross.  As they begin to cross, another gentleman starts to cross from the opposite side of the road.

Then behind me, I hear a horn and see this nitwit flipping out, waving his hand, cursing at me for stopping, and then I suppose cursing at the people on the crosswalk for daring to hold him up for a whopping 15 seconds.

I’m sure everyone at one point or another has been behind a car at a crosswalk, not realizing why the car ahead of them has stopped, and impatiently honks.  It’s human nature.  But most will invariably let out an ‘oops’ and maybe even duck under their steering wheel out of embarrassment after making such a mistake.  This guy?  I don’t know what his deal was, but congratulations, you are tothemetal.net’s Asshole driver of the day!

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