Break out the tin-foil hats folks…

Drivers Befuddled By Area Of Bermuda Triangle Parking That Renders Car Remotes Useless

Mysterious force blocks car remotes in Yonkers

I heard about this on the radio yesterday – basically there’s an area in Yonkers where the signals from keyless entry systems are being jammed.  Other reports claim that cars in the area won’t start unless they’re pushed or towed from the area.  Apparently a local hardware store is upset because the disruption is costing them business… I say they should start selling keys at half-price and encourage folks to stop polluting the air with filthy radio waves.

First and foremost, if your keyless entry doesn’t work USE A KEY.  That said, i’m very curious as to what could possibly be jamming the signals, and what else is affected… cellphones? Cordless phones? Wireless internet?  Generally in a situation like this you’d call in the FCC (if they’re not too busy invalidating the first amendment) who could find the source and stop it and/or fine the crap out of whoever is causing it.

If its strong enough to actually keep a car from starting, short of a natural anomaly – what could actually be pumping out a signal that strong?  It may be the side-effects of my tin-foil hat here but maybe there’s some super secret government facility there which has malfunctioned (or is actually operating correctly).  In any event – if some mystery device hidden a in a building in a populated area can do this – imagine what’d happen if a few dozen of them were hidden around a real populated area…  sounds like something Homeland Security should get on top of.

Either way, I may just take my Subaru out for a drive this weekend and see if I can experience it first hand, sounds like fun. 🙂

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