Apple V Samsung

Samsung didn’t copy iPhone design, court in South Korea rules

I’ve been following the whole Apple V Samsung fiasco since the beginning.  Cliffs notes version: Apple created the iPhone.  Numerous manufacturers created other smartphones to compete.  Samsung’s products, while nearly indistinguishable from just about any other smartphone today, was similar enough to Apple’s design that Apple is suing them everywhere possible to make bank as well as an example of Samsung (one of its biggest competitors) on why they should control the patent on innovation.

First of all, I like Samsung’s products, as well as the Android OS used on them.  I also like Apples products.  The simple fact here is that if Apple produced a product at a price point which was favorable to consumers – they wouldn’t have to worry about Samsung.  IMHO – they’re both great products, but when it comes to this whole argument which has resulted in both companies reputations being damaged, they’re both to blame.

Any time someone produces a product, you can guarantee that there is someone else out there who is trying to make a better one.  While Apple’s mobile device catalog has gotten faster and more streamlined over the years, they really haven’t done anything that I would call truly groundbreaking since the first iPhone came on the market.

The problem with the iDevice market can be explained very easily by looking at another product from a manufacturer in an entirely different industry… the Chrysler PT Cruiser.  From the moment of its introduction in 2001 to its death in 2009, the Chrysler PT Cruiser was effectively the same car, reproduced ad infinitum, will various options added and improved over its lifetime in order to keep it fresh.  Personally, I’m a fan of the PT Cruiser as I’ve had to drive one for the past few years.  Sure, its gas mileage has never been stellar, but it handles well, has plenty of pep, and as far as utility goes – I love it.  Still, just as if you hold an original iPhone side by side with an iPhone 4, the new iPhone may look nicer, have a crisper picture,  more features and options, it’s still just an iPhone.  Whether you have a base model PT, a Turbo PT, a fully loaded PT, or the convertible – it’s still just a PT Cruiser.

After nearly 10 years on the market, even Chrysler knew when to move on.

As for Samsung, whether they stole ideas, infringed patents, or outright slapped a Samsung logo on an iPhone and said ‘BUY IT’ – instead of innovating, they built the rough equivalent of a Chevy HHR.  Both the Chevy HHR and the PT Cruiser could be cousins (although the HHR looks like that cousin who was conceived after a party full of cousins) – and while the PT has gone out to pasture, Chevy still pumps out HHR’s because the original formula established by Chrysler is still valid.  Chevy didn’t innovate a damned thing when they created the HHR, Chrysler didn’t innovate a damned thing over the lifetime of the PT Cruiser.

What Samsung needs to be doing right now – and they may very well be doing so – is to get the jump on the iPhone.  To hell with making another traditional smartphone.  INNOVATE.  Apple has gotten lazy, that more than anything is why it is suing Samsung.  Samsung started out lazy, which is why it is getting sued.

Samsung should make something drastically thinner and lighter, with greater features, insane battery life, portability and make it in a way so that it can’t be confused with any product currently on the market… then in 5 years, if they do a good enough job – they can sue Apple.

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