A broken record by any other name…

Was listening to the news on the radio this morning, and they played a clip of a recent stump speech by the President where he yet again called out his opponent in regard to disclosing more of his tax returns.

The President has no record to run on as far as most Americans are concerned.  Record debt, record deficit, record unemployment, an economy that requires the accounting department from Enron in order to appear healthy, a string of actions that serve to level the playing field between the United States and former victims of colonialism by eroding the hill behind our tarnished but still shining city.

Romney is wealthy and privileged, it’s no secret.  All that will be accomplished by releasing more returns is adding more fuel to the mainstream media’s fickle and meandering character assassination machine.  I’m absolutely certain that Obama’s campaign can find other things to attack him on, but generally speaking I can’t see too many attacks that won’t come off as inane if not hypocritical pandering.  One ad / interview with Obama even had him accuse Romney of not having what it takes to be president.  To be perfectly honest – I don’t see a single candidate on the horizon that does.  I see a lot of people with a lot of ideas – but nobody that screams to me “THAT IS THE ONE.”

I haven little doubt at this point that come November, America is going to massively reject another 4 year term for Obama… but I’m not sold on Romney OR Johnson yet.  Just because one of them will get my vote, in my head its just because I think they’re more capable of cutting the rate of how quickly this nation goes tits up than turning the tide.

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