Paul Ryan plan likened to Sharia law… Islam supports Sharia… So Islam is bad now?

Matthews Likens Paul Ryan’s Pro-Life Views to Sharia Law

It’s impossible these days to not see how the media has made itself a big part of the narrative when it comes to discussions of Conservative vs Liberal ideology…  Networks that offer a left-leaning pro-Obama spin are the model for a perfect fusion reaction, as they generate more rhetoric than they consume from the administration.  Networks that don’t follow the ‘company line’ – aka Fox News – are widely criticized and mocked despite the fact that from a ratings standpoint they still wipe the floor with every other network and cable news outlet.

While it may just another case of Chris Matthews going off the deep end again because the chill is gone, this is the first time I’ve personally seen a pundit along the lines of Chris Matthews imply that there is anything wrong with Islam.  Think about it, from day 1 with Obama, both his administration and its cohorts in the MSM (main stream media) have been very hesitant to criticize Islam.  When Chris Matthews reaches into his limited vocabulary to label dissension and chooses “Sharia” instead of racist, sexist, Nazi, etc…  The significance cannot be ignored.

The tide is turning folks, ever increasing instances of MSM pundits and reporters beyond the confines of Univision and Fox News asking tough questions of Obama.  It’s only going to get louder before the wave finally crashes with a Romney victory and inauguration.  The media will have established that they can still ask tough questions.  They will justify the predictable vilification and media obsession with knocking down a Romney administration based on the handful of questions they asked at the end of the Obama administration.

The media has a job to inform the people, to report on significant events regardless of allegiance to any ideology or political administration.  They’ve failed at this job longer than I have been alive, the proof is in the ratings of these networks and the circulation numbers of their printed media.  There will always be a segment of our society that will watch the nightly news, read a newspaper or magazine, or take a story they read online as undeniable, unquestionable fact…  That segment isn’t getting any bigger folks, the writing is on the wall, the shouts of dissent are beginning to down out the mumblings of the sheep…  and Chris Matthews is  referring to Sharia law as a bad thing.

I wonder what they’ll do next?

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