Building the template for the next 4 years of media spin…

Bill Clinton: “This shouldn’t be a race. The only reason it is is because Americans are impatient on things not made before yesterday and they don’t understand why the economy is not totally hunky-dory again.”

I can already see one of the first mainstream media talking points of a post Obama news cycle taking shape. Just as the failings of the current administration are constantly laid at the feet of it’s predecessor, so shall the successes of a Romney administration be laid at the doorstep of Obama. We will endure the remainder of the final Obama budget and policies, Romneys policies will take effect, the economy will improve, and instead of crediting Romney the media will credit Obama, and wistfully wonder just how awesome things would be if we impatient Americans were only smart enough to have voted for Obama. The truth here is that even in our instant gratification society we are patient. We have waited 4 years for a President, allowed a community organizer to act as a placeholder until he arrived, and quite frankly we are all extremely tired of standing still and waiting for a real President to arrive.

We do understand why the economy is not all “hunky-dory.”  It’s called a 35% corporate tax rate.  It’s called an administration and congress that hasn’t passed a budget in 4 years.  It’s called nearly $6,000,000,000,000 in new debt over the past 4 years with no end in sight.  With no solid answers on what will happen with tax rates, spending, or what the real fallout of the so called “Affordable Care Act” will be as it slowly takes effect, nobody is willing to take the risks that are necessary to improve things.  Nobody can predict when and if the bleeding will stop with big government politicians at the helm.  While Romney’s economic proposals may not be as extreme as a Libertarian such as Gary Johnson – in all likelihood should he win the election we will see an immediate bump in the economy as there is no question he is business friendly.  Businesses, big and small, drive the economy – and the American people drive those businesses.  This isn’t trickle-down economics, it’s flood-gate economics.  With courage and faith in America we will truly begin to pull ourselves out of this mess, the flood gates of opportunity will open as soon as the government starts to get out of our way.

Opportunity is stronger than “hope and change,” and it is stronger than any unemployment check or food stamp credit.  We don’t need more time for the current administration’s policies to improve things, we need more opportunity so we can improve things ourselves.  I agree with that 47% statement Mitt Romney made, even if he doesn’t anymore.  I don’t see it as being a criticism of the people who fit into that number, I see it as a CHALLENGE to them.  Obama is counting on your continued support, he is counting on your inability to survive without entitlements, he has no reason to provide opportunity as long as you provide him with dependency.  The challenge lies in whether or not you possess the ability to cast aside those entitlements and rise above your present hardship when the opportunity to do so comes along.

That 47% statement was a cold, calculated reality check that we needed to hear.  The media can and will spin the next 4 years in Obama’s favor whether or not he wins.  Regardless of the victor, the outcome of the next 4 years is up to YOU.

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