I’m scratching my head right now… Since last week I’ve heard a lot of talk about Donald Trump having some big announcement that could affect the outcome of the presidential election.  The hour finally arrived, and well… Huh?

To paraphrase – if Obama releases the applications and records related to his college career and passport, Trump will cut a check for $5,000,000.00 to a charity of Obama’s choosing.  This is to establish the transparency that Obama promised and never delivered.  This is so people will actually know something about their president.

I kinda sat there in stunned silence…  All I could think was… “that’s it?”

What could possibly be revealed here to change a thing?  We know Obama’s political agenda.  We know the people he’s aligned himself with over the course of his life, terrorists, Communists, racists…  Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Big Bird.  It didn’t make a difference in 2008, how could it make a difference now?

My best guess here is that Trump is just f’ing around with Obama for giggles.  2 weeks left until the election, no record to stand on, no agenda beyond November 6th…  Yeah, free press for Trump, a little hope that he got the campaign to sweat, and in the end – Trump’s crying wolf about a man we already know is a wolf.

In other news, CNN released a report today that water – despite evidence to the contrary – is wet.


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