Most Wanted? Most overstated.

Finally got my hands on Need For Speed – Most Wanted (the new one) – They decided to take an open-world route with the game ala Burnout Paradise (same developer, Criterion) – graphics and physics are great for an arcade racer but the complete lack of structure beyond the racing makes the game a royal pain in the ass. It’s like driving with cheat codes… Every car in the game is accessible from the start, you just need to locate them. To upgrade each car, you need to complete a handful of races in order to make them competitive enough to defeat the ‘most wanted’ car at each level with your goal being to achieve ‘most wanted’ status. I put about 7 hours in to the game before I called it quits. I’m all for open world sandbox titles but for those of us who desire some level of structure to our games, it provides endless possibilities, infinite results, and absolute tedium. What a pain in the ass.
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