5 Simple Rules For Republicans To Win Elections

So we’ve got at least 4 more years of the Neo-Socialist agenda to run unchecked in America.  Taxes will rise, spending will rise, everything is going to cost more, and the best chance we had at changing direction was wasted on a guy who blew his load in the first debate and spent the remaining time until election day playing it safe, moderate, and to lose.

Back in 2008, I predicted that the Republicans couldn’t win an election by running a moderate, and that they collectively lacked the balls to do anything but.

The only way Republicans have any hope whatsoever to win seats in the House, Senate, or Oval Office is to be bold.  They need bold and dramatic ideas.  They need to take the fight to the Democrats, stand their ground, and do whatever it takes to win.  I’ve heard a lot of the talking heads I generally agree with start to complain that the only way the Republicans can turn the tide is to take back the schools…  To go after the revisionist history being taught and the Liberal indoctrination permeating our educational institutions.

Talk about some really stupid smart people.

Before I get to what needs to be done to win, we need to accept some simple truths.  First, the media is lost.  The schools are lost.  The tide has turned and a majority of voting Americans are openly supporting Neo-Socialist, Progressive, Liberal ideas regardless of whatever truth is professed by the dissenters.  The American people have the attention span of a horny Beagle in a puppy farm and will gladly sop up whatever is reported by the mainstream media or taught by public and higher education.  Attacking the schools will be as successful as attacking the media… you can’t kill the messenger, however you CAN and MUST change the message.

Obama was RIGHT when he attacked Romney and the Republicans for running on old ideas.  It didn’t matter what the ideas were.  He said his piece repeatedly and the silence from his opposition was DEAFENING.  It was one of the common themes throughout the campaign season… The Obama campaign and its supporters made an accusation, and with very little exception – the Romney campaign took it and then pulled the string on his talking point See & Say which hadn’t been updated since 2008.

Taking a queue from the Romney campaign, I have my own 5 point plan for winning the elections to come.  We already know our ideas are better, but what nobody seems to grasp is that NOBODY CARES.

1. BE BOLD. During the election, Romney proposed tax cuts, spending cuts, balanced budgets that would take 20 years to achieve.  12 years ago, we elected a man who promised just that and regardless of extenuating circumstances set the stage for what we are enduring right now and will continue to endure long after Obama has constructed his presidential library and pads his coffers with paid speaking engagements.  Don’t cut income taxes, ELIMINATE THEM ACROSS THE BOARD.  IRS? YOU’RE FIRED.  Don’t cut spending, ELIMINATE IT.  Don’t allow big government to persist, EVISCERATE IT.  We need to flood the pool of human resources with unemployed federal workers.  ENTITLEMENTS?  ELIMINATE THEM.  Give a helping hand when its needed, but make it easier for the free market to lend that hand.  TAX BREAKS for businesses that provide free food, free education, free health care.  Take the ideas that are rooted in Conservatism, that work every time they’re tried, AND PUSH THEM TO THE LIMIT.  Oh yeah BTW – GET VOTER ID PASSED.  Every American has a Social Security number, every American has a face and a name, tie the 3 together on a *FREE* ID card and make sure that every vote cast in an election is VALID.  Votes should also be cast INSTANTLY, and each voter should get a RECEIPT for their vote.  It’s a transaction like any other.  Provide ID, cast your vote, confirm your choice, get a receipt.  ENHANCE ACCOUNTABILITY AT EVERY LEVEL!

2. CLEAN HOUSE.  John Boehner?  Please.  It’s BONER, not BAINER.  The guy is a moderate and needs to go.  The Tea Party acted boldly and managed to regain the House for the Republicans by loudly and unabashedly supporting the campaigns of Conservative politicians.  The Republican establishment responded by putting the biggest RINO since John McCain in charge.  There are many places online where you can find lists of RINO’s.  One such example is provided by the “Club For Growth” – a PAC which monitors the votes made by politicians and actually scores them based on their support of pro-growth (that’s economic, not Government) Conservative policies.  There are 33 seats in the Senate up for grabs in 2014, 5 of the 13 Republican seats are held by RINO’s.  That means that unless a true CONSERVATIVE candidate challenges them, it will either change hands to the Democrats or remain RINO.  With 20 Democrat seats up for grabs, I’d say at least 9 show enough of a split that they could go either way.  With Democrats already working to rewrite the Senate rules (which they enacted during Bush) so that a super-majority is no longer required to break a filibuster, they’re already stacking the deck and preparing for 2014.  SO SHOULD WE.

3. BE TRANSPARENT.  One of my biggest gripes about Romney, beyond my simple assertion that neither he or Paul Ryan were Conservative enough, is that he wasn’t nearly as transparent as he should have been from the start.  How much time did we allow the media and the Obama campaign to control the message by focusing on his tax returns, his history with Bain Capital, or that he explained his policy proposals with generalizations?  How much ground could have been gained if he’d been completely transparent from the start?  Perhaps enough to overcome the hesitation of voters due to his less than dyed-in-the-wool Conservative record?

4. REDEFINE CONSERVATISM.  The tenets of American Conservatism have not changed.  Limited government.  Free market.  Individual liberty and responsibility.  Ok, so you can get us 12 million new jobs in 4 years by cutting taxes and eliminating loopholes… HOW?  We can shout how every time Conservatism is tried, that it has worked from the rooftops until our vocal chords snap – unless we can clearly, concisely, and undeniably illustrate EXACTLY how that idea can work, why it will work, and how we can make it work from DAY ONE (bold ideas don’t take 20 years to reap results) – the Democrats will continue to control the message.  Bush gave us tax cuts, tax cuts that even Obama has been afraid to meddle with the past 4 years… WHY IS THAT, EXACTLY?

5. TAKE CONTROL OF THE MESSAGE.  If I’m watching the news, and I don’t hear a report or an opinion which rubs me the wrong way – then I automatically KNOW I am being lied to.  I’m not talking about when Fox News tries to report on Fast & Furious or Benghazi, I’m talking about when they sit back as John Boehner and the Republican establishment pull our future out from under us by not standing up for the people.  I’m not talking about when ABCCBSNBCMSNBCCNNETC rant on about a War on Women, I’m talking about when months after a successful terrorist attack on our Embassy in Benghazi, they continue to sugar coat it and give the administration a pass.  The media should be the last line of defense between a government and its people, and not a shill for the party in power.  I *LONG* for the days of when they covered George W Bush, and every gaffe, every decision, every single aspect of that Administration fell under the microscope of media scrutiny.  Essentially – the media is a lost cause for Republicans and Conservatism.  The Left doesn’t take Fox News, or the countless other alternative media sources seriously, and the Right can’t hope for any accurate and objective journalism from the mainstream.  The Left sets the tone, creates the dialogue, and the media delivers that message like Moses on the mountain.  Education is a lost cause.  I had 1 openly Conservative teacher in all my years of schooling, the rest either happily prattled on with opinions rooted in Left Wing ideology or remained silent and just did their jobs.  We need to cut out the middle men here, make a bold statement, and back up that bold statement with dramatic action.  We need to take control of the message and deliver it straight to the people by any means necessary.  We need to flood the hearts and minds of our population with so much truth that by proxy the mainstream media INCLUDING FOX NEWS look like the manipulative and idiotic preachers riding the coattails of the very government they were provided constitutional authority to PROTECT US FROM.  Every time some talking point is delivered by an Administration (regardless of party affiliation) only to be echoed and amplified by a media megalith without contest, the first 5 words out of every American’s mouth should be “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?”

The table we are sitting at today was prepared long ago by our apathy, by our propensity to settle for what we have been given without question, by the fact that every single day since our nation was founded we have collectively and willingly sacrificed the reality of our liberty for the illusion of security.  Politicians have cast aside the people in favor of preserving the state – and we all let them.  I believe that the only way to stop this American De-evolution is to be bold, to support Conservatism and truly Conservative candidates, to get up from the table, throw it aside, and start taking our liberty back.

End of sermon.

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