I picked up Rob Halford’s new CD, well not NEW new, but since I didn’t have it, it is new to me. ANYHOW. I didn’t really care for it. While he did work with Trent Reznor, I think Halford shouldn’t give up blazing riffs and thunderous drums. The first track was a BLATANT Reznor vocal impersonation, totally unlike Halford. The rest of the album’s vocals sound almost adolescent, like you’d expect to see one of the Hanson trio on vocals instead of Rob. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rob Halford’s vocals, but on this album they didn’t even come CLOSE to previous efforts. The music on the album is another thing, Reznor does yet another superb job. I don’t have a favorite track yet, as the more I listen to the CD, the less I like it. Halford, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

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