i like yer new layout for the main news page.. i also forgot to tell ya when you changed it, but the driving page looks awesome now with the tire tread thing goin on..

i am so disgusted with the way the media is handling this whole clinton thing, since day one its been democraTV, and the one source the WORLD looks to for news: CNN is the Communist News Network or something along those lines.. its all BS and mind games they play.. like Drudge pointed out: talks about impeachment split screened with bombs going off in Iraq = mental picture/subliminal message that impeachment is bombed/no more..

sheesh.. i am physically EMBARRASSED (sp) when i watch tv now, i turn my head in DISGUST as the democrats spew this crud of partisnship, BULL! democrats have nearly no conservatives who crossed the voting line, but repubs had tons.. sheesh.. and thats only one point..

and to top it off, most republicans on the tube BS the whole thing and state the obvious that clinton b0rked up yadda yadda and that he should be punished for his sexual exploits and some say impeachment and trial is not the answer.. HELLO REPUBLICANS! the whole thing is NOT about his sexual exploits, its about lies and coverups.. he is not guilty yet, he has not gone under trial, and HE MUST GO UNDER TRIAL because IT IS FUCKING WRITIN IN THE CONSTITUTION WHICH IS GIVING YOU YOUR JOB! arg! hehehe i got a tad carried away..


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