What The!?

(NYPost)  I had to read this article twice for it to sink in. New York City has created legislation to prohibit individuals under the age of 19 from purchasing laser pointers. I’ve got 3 of ’em. Adding fuel to the fire, a father of 3 was murdered in his apartment, shot to death, because his son had “dotted” a group of kids with his laser pointer a day earlier. The kids…scratch that, the murderous little bastards, stormed the door of the boy’s apartment, when the father forced the door shut, they fired 3 shots through the door, killing the man.

Who here thinks we shouldn’t fry those little punks? To heck with lethal injection, drop them on the 3rd rail during rush-hour.

Due to the stupidity of those criminals, and that boy who shined in the first place, a father is dead 2 days after Christmas. Happy Holidays folks.

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