Oi…Cuba…Iraq, Same Difference

(CNN)  Plain and simple, take out Saddam, take out Castro. Right now we have pointless embargos placed on Iraq. Embargos that failed so miserably, that we had to spend $400,000,000+ in Cruise Missles to pummel the heck out of the country. I thought that “sanctions” and “embargos” were created to punish a country, as a method of saying “don’t do that again…or else.” Our country has failed miserably, and ends up punishing the citizens of the country, whilst the leader gets to travel around between umpteen different Presidential palaces. Sure, back in the 60’s, Cuba conspired with their ally to aim nuclear warheads at the USA. That deserved a very strong reaction, we placed a trade embargo on the country which has held for 36 years! Who really suffers, Fidel Castro? Nah. He’s probably sitting in a palace, eating popcorn, and watching Seinfeld on a surround sound 50″ projection television. Who is really suffering from the sanctions on Iraq, the people are. Hussein needs to be taken out, as day by day he makes decisions which threaten the lives of his own people…while blinding them to the truth and only giving them his side of the story. I’m telling ya, show any Cuban or Iraqi what the USA is really like, those prospective countries would be overthrown in a day. Look at China, cheap slave labor, not really threatening anybody, right? The country is living in poverty, and studies have proven (along with their burgeoning population) that poverty stricken nations usually end up growing beyond their means. With the billions of people in the country, imagine if every single one saw what we had in the USA, even our poor live better than them, how could any government hold back that many people if a rebellion took place? Freedom is not an easy thing to obtain, but once you have it, i’m sure any Iraqi, Cuban, or Chinese citizen would die to protect it. The leaders of Iraq and Cuba are responsible for driving their countries into the ground, our sanctions have failed their purpose, with either man in power we are only asking for more trouble by lessening the sanctions. Clinton in his typical roundabout way has proposed lifting or easing the sanctions against Cuba. I’m for it, if they take out Castro. With Castro in power, any monies sent in are not going to end up in the hands of Cuban citizens, they’re going to support Castro. Our planes are going to be shot down again like in 1996, and it will be another blatant failure in foreign policy by Bubba. I’m also all for lifting the sanctions on Iraq… As long as they take out Saddam. Anybody agree? Disagree?

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