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Just a few posts from my pal Mermaid…Note, I do read all email sent to me, and for the most part unless I read it while I’m working on update, it may or may not find its way onto the page. Feel free to email me any comments but when yer workin 50 hours a week, things get a bit hectic and I may not get around to posting your comments.


“Quote and Translation” 12/17/98 -Mermaid

Todays Quote from William Jefferson Clinton, 12/16/98 reguarding the strink on Iraq

Quote: “We had to act, and we had to act now.”

Translation: “I had to do something to delay the impeachment process, and I had to do it now.”

go to this site, they have a ton of info on CPU’s voltages, RAM, and all sorts of spec related stuff. VERY usefull. good reference for PC building and stuff. might be good as a link on your page. ive been using it for a while, just reading it and all their info is VERY accurate and good


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