Problem? Solution.

Got stuck behind another little old lady in the express lane at Grand Union today. Typical 30 items in the 10 lane. The interesting thing that me and everyone behind me got a giggle from… The woman parked the cart just outside the checkout line, and neatly arranged everything on the conveyor… Leaving the cart in the middle of the isle. While I was sitting there grumbling with the rest of the customers in line, it dawned on me. Add a surcharge or fee for every item OVER 10 items. I know they read the signs, just have no consideration for others… This isn’t limited to little old ladies either, they just tend to be the majority. I figure, along with the 10 items or less sign, have another that says, each item over 10 will result in a $.25 surcharge per item. While that may not discourage someone with 11 or 12 items, the little old lady with 3 times the amount designated for the lane will definitely be discouraged by a and extra $5 because she picked the wrong lane. It would quickly return order to the express lane.
When all I have is a 6 pack of Dew and a bag of pretzels, I pick the express lane for a REASON, not to be held back by some blue haired vigilante or someone who is “above” the law of the checkout lane. No. I want to buy my soda, buy my pretzels, and leave the store. That is the entire idea of an express lane. Allowing people to consistantly deviate from the original idea of an express lane defeats the purpose and drives people INSANE.

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