Free Speech or a Hit List?

(CNN)  There is an interesting debate going on with this. There just happens to be an Anti-Abortion website up which lists just about EVERY abortion doctor in the USA, along with address, phone number, license plate number, and even a personal history including their WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES. Critics of the site claim that it is a hit list. Their concerns spawn from the recent murders of numerous abortion doctors, whose names were crossed off the list post mortem. Doctors who were injured had little grey boxes placed over their names. I haven’t visited the website, nor do I want to as they have some graphic images who would gross a loyal fan like myself out. While the idea that it is a hit list obviously has merit, the webmaster of the site has been sued and first amendment ramifications abound. Once again our justice system will be tested. What is the price of freedom, does it mean tolerating something that deep in your heart you know is wrong, but despite the putrid nature of it, it IS protected under the 1st Amendment? Or is it something that is inciting violence, encouraging the average pro-lifer to commit murder themselves? Personally, I have no opinion on abortion. When I grow breasts and a uterus, THEN I will have an opinion. Until that day, do what you will. As for what is going on with this, I personally have no problem with the site or its content. It is definitely not something for children to look at, but it offers a grotesquely unique view of the abortion controversy. We live in a country where any individual can freely speak their mind, burn their flag, call another man or woman every racial slur in the book and not be punished under law for our words or thoughts. Our actions are what we should be judge by. Our actions are what we are judged by in a court of law. Any individual can want to tear someone apart so bad they can taste it…. But it means nothing until they act on those violent impulses. Then and only then can law judge them. Removing this site would be a defeat of the first amendment, no matter how horrid the content may be. Removing this site does NOTHING about finding the killers of those abortion doctors. It is yet another case of attacking the scapegoat instead of the real problem. With all the time and effort wasted in this case, they just may have found those who murdered the doctors. I am guessing that the lawsuit will fail on 1st amendment grounds, and the killers will still be free.

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